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BPC 157

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Research suggest:

  • High increase in healing properties and speed
  • Increased Growth Hormone levels

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BPC 157 Australia


What Is BPC-157 Peptide?

The simplest way to tackle this question is start with the name and what it stands for. BPC is short for “Body Protecting Compound” and is naturally present in the human body. It is generally found in the stomach where it is produced in small amounts.

The effects are essentially healing and protection of the gut, which is quite a powerful property.

BPC 157 is a synthetic strain of Peptide in a highly concentrated form. When this peptide is injected it can significantly speed up the heeling of all sorts of damaged tissue in the body.


How Does It Work?

As with many other peptides, BPC will trigger very specific anabolic effects. They are not as targeted and specific as SARMs, but there currently is no SARM equivalent of BPC. However, that is not a major concern as many clinical studies have shown that there are practically no side effects.

As a regenerative peptide it triggers processes that especially trigger the repair of damaged blood vessels. In most types of strains and injuries, the damaged part of the body is slow to repair as nutrient carrying blood flow is somewhat restricted.

By repairing that circulation the damaged tissue can repair quicker and more effectively.

While BPC 157 is a synthetic version of a naturally occurring peptide present in the stomach, studies have shown that it has very positive effects on other parts of the body.


What Are The Benefits?

In the past 8 years many different types of clinical studies have been conducted to explore different uses of BPC 157. Many of the goals focused on finding suitable uses for degenerative diseases affecting bones, joints and muscles, as well as multiple sclerosis and Parkinson’s.

The positive effects from these studies have been widely welcomed, especially since they don’t come with severe side effects that are commonly associated to similar drugs. Here are the main positive effects noted in studies.

1 – Rapid Repair Of Blood Vessels

In a study conducted in 2014 on the impact on blood vessel regeneration, scientists found that BPC was the most potent agent for promoting regrowth after injury (S.1).

2 – Increased Tendon Repair And Growth

The Journal for Applied Physiology conducted studies in 2011 specifically targeting damaged Achilles heel tendons where accelerated healing was observed (S.2).

3 – Promotes Muscle Healing

Studies conducted by the Medical Science Monitor have shown that impaired muscle tissue showed significant increased healing ability with BPC-157 (S.3).

4 – Growth Hormone Promoting

Another study by Switzerland based Molecules aimed at identifying the processes that lead to increased healing properties and a clear link to Growth Hormone receptors was identified (S.4).


What Are The Side Effects?

The only real downside to BPC-157 is that more extensive trials are required to identify side effects from use with other peptides and SARMs. So far studies have not identified side effects, which is mainly down to the fact that it is a synthetic version of a naturally produced agent.

By implementing more targeted trials on different test groups, more negatives may be identified.


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    Sally D

    I used BPC after back surgery. The doctors said it would be a 4-6 week recovery but after 2 weeks I was pretty much back to normal. I injected daily about 1cm from the scarring and was blown away by the results.

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