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Research suggest:

  • Increased GH Levels
  • Maintain lean Muscle
  • Improved all-round well-being

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What Is CJC-1295 with DAC?

The synthetically produced peptide hormone CJC-1295 (with DAC) is a drug designed to trigger an increase in human growth hormone (GH) production. The anabolic effects of this are to primarily boost bone tissue and muscle fibre production.

This particular product has the added boost of Drug Affinity Complex (DAC) which directly impacts the receptors in the body that cause the growth hormone release.

As a result, CJC1295 with DAC brings about significant increases in muscle growth, which exceed other SARMs. At the same time, there is a stronger effect both on the positive and negative side that are highlighted below.


How Does CJC1295 DAC Work?

Once the drug enters the body it binds to very specific receptors that are linked to the release of GH. The process itself is very natural and is triggered in the body during and after exercise, as well as muscle injuries.

Essentially, this Peptide is designed to boost that GH production process to trigger faster muscle growth and repair, than would otherwise be the case. What is particularly beneficial with CJC-1295 is that the GH release doesn’t happen all at once, but gradual.

Sudden releases would naturally be filtered out in the body, while the gradual approach helps maintain elevated levels for a longer period.


What are the Benefits of 1295 With DAC?

The main aim of all peptide-based drugs is to trigger very specific processes in the body. Usually processes that are lowered due to injury or sickness where a boost can help in recovery times to full health.

CJC1295 has been involved in many clinical studies and trials which have produced some very promising results.

Here are the main positives noted to date:

  1. – Supports Muscle Growth
    Through a trigger of receptors in the pituitary gland, CJC increases GH levels that directly results in faster muscle growth (S 1).
  2. – Increases Fat Burning
    Muscle growth requires a lot of energy which in this process is sourced from stored fat in the muscle leading to a more defined appearance (S 2).
  3. – Improves Bone Density
    GH doesn’t just cause reaction in muscles, but also triggers increased bone tissue production which strengthens bones (S 3).
  4. – Boosted Strength And Stamina
    The additional fat burning required for the muscle growth is also available as a performance boost during training (S 4).
  5. – Helps Muscle Repair
    Muscle regularly get damaged in everyday life and training, and the natural repair process is sped up with CJC 1295 (S 4).


What are the Side Effects of CJC With dac?

Unlike SARMS peptide drugs like this one do often come with some side effects. These are generally far less severe than traditional hormone treatment. Through several clinical studies, some side effects have been noted.

Further research is required to identify impacts of combinations of drugs in the longer term.

  1. – Periods Of Light-headedness
    In some of the trials subjects reported a lightheaded feeling immediately after taking the drug and notably with higher doses as well (S 5).
  2. – Some Nausea
    Some nausea was also reported by test subjects that suffered with the above faint feeling which decreased as the drug wore off (S 5).


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