Research suggest:

  • Improved healing speed
  • Muscle Growth
  • Increased cardiac functions

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What Is MGF?

Mechano Growth Factor (MGF) is essentially a subversion of Insulin-Like Growth Factor (IGF). The main, or mature, region is identical between the two, but there is an area called the E domain, which is different.

Several studies have been performed on this more selective version to identify the impacts it has on the heart and skeletal muscle tissue. So far these studies have revealed positive opportunities as a drug in more extensive clinical trials.


How Does It Work?

As one of the many peptides we have for sale, it is a more selective drug that triggers very similar effects as IGF, which plays a crucial role in the repair of damaged bone and muscle tissues as well as during the human childhood development.

As the body grows and repairs, it is this IGF that sends the message to various body parts to produce more tissue. In adulthood, this effect is often used to counter muscle wasting and osteoporosis.

Some testing has been done using this synthetic compound with some promising results.


What Are The Benefits?

Over the past 10 years, there have been increasing numbers of studies, and clinical trials conducted. While they have not been extensive enough to result in full approval, ongoing testing is still continuing to find the exact physiological processes that are triggered.

Here are some of the results from studies:

1 – Improved Cardiac Function
One study, in particular, noted a decrease in cardiac issues during animal testing. By inducing heart problems pre-trial, it was identified that some of those problems were reduced (S 1).

2 – Increases Muscle Growth
IGF is closely tied to increased production of new muscle tissue. One study, in particular, observed an increase in new muscle fibres (S 2).

3 – Helps With Muscle Repair
Similar to the creation of new muscle tissue, MGF also triggers the repair of damaged fibres, which is common during heavy and strenuous activity (S 2).

4 – Reduces Muscle Wasting
Muscle wasting is very common in old age, and hormone treatments have been used for a long time. However, MGF has more isolated effects which are being further explored (S 3).

5 – Protects The Nervous System
Another study has identified positive effects when it comes to neurological functions (S 4).


What Are The Side Effects?

While peptides are not as selective in their activating power as SARMs, they do work a lot better than most general hormone treatments. Traditionally, these included testosterone to trigger muscle growth, but the results were always more widespread with many negative side effects.

Peptides have far fewer side effects, but there are some negatives to point out with MGF

1 – Lack Of Extensive Research
While the above-mentioned studies show some positive results, there is still a lack of more extensive trial based testing with double-blind test groups.

2 – Studies Required On Interaction With Other Peptides
As side effects can become more pronounced when drugs are combined, there is a need for combinations of peptides to be further tested. These test should also be aimed at finding other applicable uses.


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