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Welcome to Kaotik Peptides

Kaotik peptides is proud to offer high quality (99.6% purity) peptides to the Australian market. Peptides have a long and controversial history particularly in Australia with infamous scandals involving professional sports teams the Essendon Bombers and the Cronulla Sharks. 

What gets lost in translation and the general incompetence of the media is the assumption that because what those teams did was wrong, then peptides themselves are wrong. Unfortunately this attitude is prevalent despite being far from the truth as you need to ask the question why did the teams cheat by using the peptides and why is using peptides considered cheating? 

The answer is simple – because peptides work. So unless you are a professional athlete the benefits of using peptides can be exceptional. Had surgery and would like the wound to heal faster? Then BPC157 will do that for you. Want to get a tan but don’t want to get burnt to do it? Melanotan 2 will give you a full body tan. Want to improve your HGH levels to get the health benefits of better skin, improved sleep, fat loss or one of the other many benefits? Then the HGH class of peptides like GHRP6, hexarelin and ipamorelin will do this for you. 

We are working tirelessly to have peptides de-regulated, widely adopted and positively discussed to help benefit the health of all Australians but whilst that battle still looms we will provide the highest quality, easily attained and most affordable peptides that we possibly can. 

Muscle Building, Fat loss or Something else?

We touched briefly on what peptides can do above but here is a quick rundown on what our stocked peptides are known and used for. 

Increase HGH Levels – Increasing your Human Growth Hormone (HGH) levels have a bunch of positive effects for your health. To name but a few it helps maintain, build and repair healthy tissue in the brain and other organs. It speeds up repair and healing of muscle tissue that leads to increased endurance, muscle growth, fat loss and a metabolism boost. It also improves your skin, improves your mood and heals and strengthens bones. 

Looking at GHRP-6, Ipamorelin, Hexarelin, GHRP-2, CJC 1295

Fat Loss – Many peptides will improve the body’s ability to burn fat via improvements in HGH levels as above. In addition some peptides help by improving the body’s ability to remove fat from the system or by ensuring excess food is not stored as fat by the body. 

Looking at AOD9604

Get a Tan – A tan is just an increase in Melanin in the skin. You get it naturally by exposure to the sun but for some complexions this is nearly impossible and also has obvious side effects. Peptides can increase your melanin level across your whole body for a consistent tan. 

Looking at Melanotan  2

Heal Faster – Peptides have a unique ability to improve the healing rate of the body in a local area (tennis elbow) or a whole body (fast recovery allowing extra training). Commonly people will refer that peptides allows them to heal like wolverine whilst an obvious exaggeration it does highlight the outstanding potential. 

Looking at BPC157, TB500

Build Muscle – The HGH peptides all help to build muscle but there are more specific peptides that reduce muscle atrophy, speed up recovery and fuel muscle growth. 

Looking at MGF

Using Peptides

Peptides Australia are taken via an injection and as a result can cause some anxiety among people. However the injection itself is easy as well as obtaining the equipment needed for it. 

  1. Peptides come in dry form for a long shelf-life. They must be mixed with a bacteriostatic water so they can be injected. Bacteriostatic water is better than sterile water because they allow for multiple uses whereas sterile water can only be used once. 
  2. Add enough Bac water to make easy calculations for injections. For example if you have 2mg of peptide and you want to take 200mg dose, then add 10mL of water so you can dose it as 1mL injections. Make sure you store in the fridge after mixing. 
  3. Use an insulin needle to withdraw the correct dose amount and inject it into the body. The location of the injection depends on the peptide but the thigh is a common place. Wipe the vial and the injection location with an alcohol wipe to make sure the site is sterile and avoid infection. 
  4. The simply inject the peptide solution and you are done.